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World Famous Supreme Team Show

The "World Famous Supreme Team Show" originated in 1979 in New York by Se'Divine the Mastermind (Se'Divine Price) and JazzyJust the Superstar (R. Larkins).

In its early days, the formation hosted its own show on New Jersey station WHBI, alongside the legendary Mr. Magic, before the latter shifted to WBLS. The idea of the group's partnership with Malcolm McLaren was to make a modern hip-hop record with Shakespearean and Opera themes, as demonstrated by the hit single "Operaa House" which features lead vocals by Monalisa Young, who was a member of the group.

The British Airways Commercial was first recorded, then “Operaa House / Aria On Air" with the same vocals. Yanni liked the song so much, he asked Monalisa to re-record it again this time for his Grammy Nominated "Dare To Dream" album. The vocal from the single originally used on the British Airways Commercial earned Monalisa the Clio Award for her performance.

With Monalisa’s vocals and Malcom McLaren’s concept of this Commercial has helped resurrect the original piece worldwide. Monalisa’s vocals of this gorgeous piece was played in forty-four Countries and also used for the French Elections.

Operaa House / Aria on Air (CD Single) Tracklist

1. Operaa House
2. Diva Loves Operaa House
3. Madam Butterfly
4. Aria on Air

Album Track Listing for Malcolm McLaren Presents World Famous Supreme Team Show:
“Round The Outside, Round The Outside!”

1. Operaa House!
2. World Tribe
3. Diva Loves Opera House
4. To Be Or Not To Be
5. Romeo And Juliet
6. Whrefor Art Thou?
7. Buffalo Gals II (Remix)
8. World Famous Supreme Team Radio Show (Remix)
9. Un Coche De Agua Negra
10. Aladdin's Scratch

Released: January 16, 1991

Label: Virgin Records

Operaa House - Aria on Air

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