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This album features a variety of Motown covers as well as a few tunes that aren’t covers. The “Knife” LP finds the singer (who has a girlishly soulful style of singing la Deniece Williams) putting her spin on several Motown favorites, including the Jackson Five's "Dancing Machine," Michael Jackson's "I'll Be There," Stevie Wonder's "Superstition," and Smokey Robinson's "Don't Mess With Bill."

"Never Can Say Goodbye" was a hit for the Jackson Five and was also embraced by Isaac Hayes and Gloria Gaynor. Original songs such as the reggae-tinged "Sweet Remedy" and the exuberant "Bust My Bubble" -- display Young’s vocals at her best.

Year: 1983
Type: LP
Label: Motown
Catalog # 6029ML

Knife Track Listing

1. Knife (4:22)
2. Dancing Machine (5:40)
3. Bust My Bubble (5:20)
4. I'll Be There (3:50)
5. Sweet Remedy (5:06)
6. Never Can Say Goodbye (3:26)
7. Superstition (3:48)
8. You Got to Hurry Boy (4:01)
9. Don't Mess With Bill (3:49)

Album Credits

Johnny Lee - Art Direction
Dennis Moody- Engineer
Alan Oldfield - Synthesizer
Bob Robitaille - Engineer
Kevin Sorrells - Synthesizer, Engineer
Eddie Summers - Percussion, Arranger, Drums
Russ Terrana - Mixing
Melvin Webb - Drums
Monalisa Young - Vocals
Terry Young - Vocals (Background)
Raul Vega - Photography
John Matousek - Mastering
Gordon Banks - Guitar (Electric)
Milt Calice - Engineer
Hal Davis - Producer
Oma Drake - Vocals (Background)
Welton Gite - Bass (Electric)
Gerald Albright - Saxophone

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