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Cathryn Ballinger

Monalisa’s Mother, the great Cathryn Ballinger who is listed in the "Durbeck Archives" as one of "The First Black Classically Trained Opera Singers" is responsible for her entire career.

Cathryn Ballinger was a mezzo soprano concert artist who traveled all over the world performing under the direction of Robert Taylor and others.

Ms. Ballinger was one of those privileged to perform a special concert at Congress Hall in Zurich and also performed selections during the closing address of the World Evangelist E. E. Cleveland.

Cathryn’s other works include:

1. Cease sorrow. Mezzosoprano and piano. 1974
Cathryn Ballinger, Tony Williams
2. All God's chillun : a dramatic musicale. 1980
Cathryn Ballinger.

2. Requiem for the children. 1981
Cathryn Ballinger, Emme Kemp


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Original Ticket

Original Ticket from Cathryn Ballinger’s Concert at the legendary Wishire Ebell Theatre

Orion Master Recordings (USA), ORS 77280 / 12" LP


Cathryn Ballinger - The Summit Monalisa Harrington

Cathryn Ballinger "The Summit"
As singles, members of "The Summit" have recorded with major recording companies, toured Europe, performed at International festivals - You Name It! They've Done It! At the age of just 13 years, Monalisa was one of the lead singers of the group with her mother, Cathryn.

Newspaper article about Cathryn Ballinger’s European tour with daughter Monalisa.

Cathryn Ballinger

Promotional photo of Cathryn Ballinger

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